Banner Ad (125x125)

Button Banner Ad
£300.00 /yr

A low cost but effective way of advertising. Can be used as a call to action button with a clickable link to a website, products, services or shopping page. Perfect for logo sponsorship and brand promotion.

Link Placement:
In Content
Link Type:
dofollow Image
Link Duration:
Permanent (1 year)
Traffic Type:
Organic traffic
Key Benefits
  • Attract Organic Traffic.
  • Improve site Domain Authority.
  • Distributed online and via pdf books.
  • Matched to relevant niche websites.
  • CTA Button or Sponsor Logo Advert.
Button Ad Placement Example 125x125


A button is an advertisement in a small square or circle on a webpage which contains a clickable link or call to action such as "Buy Now" or "Click Here".

Buttons are often placed following some text towards the middle of a page on the left or right sides. They are great to use as small sponsor logo ads or call to action buttons which link to an external web page containing an information article, point of sale or some other content to engage the visitor.

Button ads are a cheap but effective way of advertising your brand, products and services but because they are small they can be easily missed unless placed well within meaningful content.

Our button ads are classed as permanent links and are live for at least a year. They will remain active as long as we continue to receive payment. The longer they are active, the bigger the impact.

Why Buy Button Ads

Our 125x125 button ads are most effective as call to action buttons or as part of a sponsorship promotion or long term marketing campaign. They perform well when placed within meaningful content which engages the user then provides a call to action button related to the content.

Call to action buttons use striking text which encourages the visitor to do something. An example is a paragraph of content about skills training followed by a "Take This Course” button ad which links to a web page selling a training course.

Other examples would be:

  • Try Our Free Trial
  • Book Your Space
  • Download Now
  • Buy Now

The 125x125 button ads can also be very effective when used as sponsor logos because they do not cost a lot, so appearing as a sponsor on multiple pages is cost-effective and can return good results.

Our button ads are only inserted into relevant content which is useful to the reader and matched with reputable websites. We research and produce most of the content in-house to ensure quality.