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  • Attract organic traffic.
  • Improve sales and marketing.
  • Sponsorships or display ads.
  • Business advert or brand message.
Buy affordable in-content backlinks

Our backlinks are also referred to as Curated Links. We insert your website link into quality content.

We look for relevant pages and articles, and naturally place your anchor text into the editorial.

We place your links within web pages as well as pdf documents so they are seen and shared.

Our high quality backlinks are manually input and matched to your website, niche and industry.

Choose how many backlinks you want and we will set to work matching them with relevant content.

You will get a full report direct to your email with all of the link placements we have secured for you.

Link Placement
In Content
Link Type
dofollow backlink
Traffic Type
Organic traffic
Contract Duration
1 Year (Renewable)
Pros and Cons
100% natural, in-content curated links.
Inserted into web pages and pdf documents
Links are organic and renewable yearly
Delays may occur before matched to content