Banner Ad (320x100)

Large Mobile Banner Ad
£660.00 /yr

A productive rectangle banner commonly used to display adverts on mobile devices. One of the top performing mobile banner ad sizes available on ad networks.

Link Placement:
In Content
Link Type:
dofollow Banner
Link Duration:
Permanent (1 year)
Traffic Type:
Organic traffic
Key Benefits
  • Attract organic traffic.
  • Improve sales and marketing.
  • Distributed online and via pdf books.
  • Matched to relevant niche websites.
  • Productive ad unit for mobiles.
Banner Ad Placement Example 320x100


The 320x100 banner is a rectangle banner which is 320 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall. It is commonly used used to display ads on mobile phones and is known as a large leaderboard.

The 320x100 banner is usually placed at the top of the page, in-content or following content within the page. It can also appear in the footer.

The 320x100 banner is one of the most popular and best performing ads for mobile phones. However its relatively small size does not appear as well on larger devices.

Our banner ads are live for at least a year. They will remain active as long as we continue to receive payment. The longer they are active, the bigger the impact.

Why Buy 320x100 Display Ads

The 320x100 banner is a large rectangle ad which is commonly used to display banners on mobile phones and is a good way to monetise mobile ad impressions

It is generally advised to show this banner with a way to close the ad otherwise it can irritate viewers. Some websites such as Google Adsense set them as Anchor ads – which means they slide into view at the bottom of the page, and cannot be swiped away.

Display ads are shown to audiences which demonstrate some interest in your product or service. Site visitors click on the display ads to go to the website or landing page of the advertiser.

Your display ads are placed within relative content so visitors are already interested in what you offer, resulting in higher conversions.

This ad size is a solid choice for ads shown on mobile sites because they do not take up much space.